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Just a bit of what I offer and my process. If you already know what you need and would like to see my pricing and booking page, click links below!

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I focus on basic family and individual portraits. I use natural light as much as possible. I do have off camera flash if needed or if doing an indoor shoot, however I do not have a studio. I shoot on site.  I specialize in individual portraits, seniors, couple shots, family portraits, children and teens, and the more creative and adventurous sessions. (just given me your ideas). I typically try to remain true to natural colors, depending on the theme of the shoot. Knowing how to find good soft light patterns and avoiding direct harsh sunlight is so important for great quality outdoor photos. I typically try shoot later in evening or early in the morning.  I’m not a fan of fake backdrops and fake edits. However for some of my “creative” sessions, anything goes.  I won’t edit to make you look skinner, or change your hair color, but I will remove any blemishes such as pimples or temporary scars upon request. 


I keep my pricing simple and transparent. I try to offer the most reasonable rates possible  with a goal of anyone being able to afford a session. Payment options are also available. I also accept credit cards, PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, and of course cash! Once you decide on a plan, we will agree on a time and place. I will then send you a detailed breakdown of what you are paying for along with a contract for you to review and sign. (which can be viewed HERE).  Mini sessions are not listed on the website, but advertised on my Facebook page. 

What to Wear

The wrong outfit can make or break a photo. Be sure to communicate the style of the session and coordinate for the best photos. Typically the more earthy tones work best. Try to stay away from stripes and loud colors. Same goes with makeup. Shooting with a high megapixel camera will sometimes show any makeup flaking and heavy mascara. Less is usually best! 

During the Shoot

HAVE FUN!  It’s important to stay relaxed. If kids are involved, don’t worry too much about force posing them . Some of my favorite photos have been the spontaneous ones where they didn’t  even know I was snapping away!  Everyone typically feels awkward in front of a camera. Don’t worry, I will help you feel relaxed and guide you through the process. 

After the Shoot

This is really where I get to work! I will pick out the best of the best photos for editing. Since I shoot in RAW format, this gives me more control over edits needing to be made, such as color and skin corrections. The final delivered product will be in JPEG format however. Below is an example of unedited RAW to edited JPEG. I NEVER deliver any RAW format photos, Only finished JPEG.  I will deliver all final photos chosen. I don’t send you 50 proofs and then make you pick 15 of your favorite. You will receive ALL the chosen photos from the edits! 

RAW edited

Delivering the Goods!

Once all the editing is complete, I will send a couple “sneak peek” photos shortly after the session. I know you will be anxious to see them! Turn around time will vary depending on the type and size of the session, but an average is one week. Once all the editing is complete, I will send a link to an online album where you will have unlimited downloads at high resolution along with a print release. If by chance you loose your photos or download link, no worries, I keep and backup ALL photos, RAW and the final edited formats! Just send me an email. Photo albums will be hosted at no additional charge for one year. 


After all is said and done, I hope you have fun and LOVE your photos. Mentions, Likes, Follows, and Reviews on social media is always appreciated! 

If you still have questions, send me an email. Or for more information on how to pick a portrait photographer CLICK HERE!

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